Photo Display

23 September 2009

Today was my first day since sometime in June, to spend the entire day—including mealtimes—at home. So, that sigh of contentment you might have heard . . . that was me.

I continued my work on my annual fall cleaning—still without a working vacuum cleaner. But, I did get my clothes and shoes from the summer all moved back in and re-integrated into our tiny closet. It’s a lot like a really intense game of Tetris!

At one point in the bedroom cleaning, I emptied, cleaned and then rearranged this dresser-top display of photos. At the end of the day at home, it was the first thing I thought of for picture-taking . . . an easy “connect-the-dots” for a tired girl. We have framed photos of our loved ones all over our home. In the guest room are most of the photos of our “extended” or “chosen” family—photos from faires, from Dickens, etc. On another shelf is a collection of professional portraits of our parents and siblings. In the living room are photos of us, of my brother and his family, of McKenna (of course!) and in one corner are some favourite photos of our departed family members. There are photos in Kyle’s office/library, and there are photos in the dining room and kitchen. But, the bedroom is where you’ll find all of our really favourite photos— and many of them are of us!  I’ve got pet photos and my favourite old photo of my family from 1979, but the vast majority of the photos in our bedroom are of Kyle and me.  Many years ago I read an article in a woman’s magazine about what objects should reside on your bedside table—the last things you see every night, the first things you focus on in the morning.  I wish I could remember the other items on that list, but the one that has stuck with me is the photo. This article suggested that not only should there be a photo of the two of you, but it should be a photo of you doing something together—not just a posed portrait, but a photo that specifically pictures the two of you having fun.  Since so many of our pictures are of us at an event in costume, I figure that works!

Anyway, my photo today is of other photos . . . framed and arranged with love.

But, now, looking at the photo really makes me think. As Ronnie and I shopped on Monday, we talked about how the photo industry has changed and how few people ever really look at physical photos these days, or bother to put them in a frame. He said the frame industry is suffering, although we certainly saw no shortage in the selection of beautiful frames being offered by the folks at Sam Moon. I know that digital photography has ultimately made the art of photography more accessible to more people—cameras are easy to operate, photo sharing is delightfully simple thanks to sites like pbase and our beloved Flickr and dozens of others. MySpace and Facebook have made people want to share photos who might never have done so in the past. But, I wonder if the number of prints being made isn’t perhaps less than ever before?

I’d love to know what our Daily KRuMB readers think about this . . . do you have a photo printer? If you do, are you like us, in that it seems too difficult to get a good print, so you just don’t bother? Do you use an online printing service and then pick up in person like I sometimes do from CVS or Walgreens? Do you have framed photos of your loved ones on a shelf, a mantle, or a dresser-top somewhere in your house?

I have an entire drawer-full of frames just waiting for photos! Am I weird? . . . no wait . . . don’t answer that one! 😉

If you don’t already have the important photos of your life in frames . . . why not make that your fall project?  This inspiration brought to you by your crazy, sentimental friends at The Daily KRuMB!