Monster Alert!

21 September 2009

Knowing the rest of my day would be spent at home and would be relatively uninteresting, I snapped this photo out the window of Ronnie’s car as we drove home from our final errand. I’d seen this guy yesterday, coming home from downtown Fort Worth, but didn’t have my camera at the ready. Today, I did. I’m not sure which charity’s Haunted House event this giant monster is advertising, but he sure is noticeable . . . and just a bit disturbing . . . from the freeway!

Breakfast with Ronnie this morning was great! Three months is a lot of time to catch up on, and we hadn’t had time for such an outing in the spring, either. So, it was a much-needed diversion. Not ready to say goodbye just because we’d had enough coffee, we opted to do a couple of errands together as well before parting ways and getting some real work done. He had a list as long as his arm of things to accomplish today, since tomorrow he starts his new job!! Yay, Ronnie!

I went home to unpacking and housecleaning chores. Got a lot done, though . . . each day puts me closer to being all moved back in.

Later in the evening, I joined the core members of the soccer team after Kyle’s game, for a burger and beer at No Frills. Now, I’m really feeing at home!