The Resurrected Bowl

14 September 2009

I saw this on Facebook today and I believe it to be my new favourite quote:

“It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

I wish I knew who to attribute it to . . . but I don’t. I have thought about it a lot today, and it really seems to apply to anything—every possible situation. It goes along with the whole mentality that says if one door closes another opens. It follows along with the wonderful sentiment repeated many times in one of my favourite films, Shakespeare in Love—in reference to how things will turn out all right even when it doesn’t seem so —“it’s a mystery.” It is a great way to look at any conflict, problem or tragedy. I love it. Words to live by!

My photo today is of the bowl I described the making of yesterday. It turned out perfectly and so beautiful! And, it’s my only photo today. I spent the entire day packing. The workshop is all packed down now and my machine is in the truck. One more big production day in the glass studio, and then Wednesday I should be headed home! Yay!