Chris Achilleos Art

12 September 2009

I cannot believe how tired I am. Even though I’m sleeping well (okay, I’m sleeping the sleep of the dead!) I am exhausted by the time each day ends. I’m not doing anything difficult on the glass studio floor, but I am working hard. Every moment I’m aware; every movement is deliberate. And my feet . . . I’m a seamstress! I sit a lot! This is not so much with the sitting!

I didn’t remember to take a photo all day today, so just now, I took one of the new Chris Achilleos sketch in the sketchbook! His Greek Spartan soldier! The coloured art on the left, is the little card I bought, that is a small print of his very first dragon! Painted in 1979, he reminded me that no one was drawing dragons like that then! I love it, and I will frame it and place it in the Dragon Bathroom in our home in Arlington.

An interesting note about tonight:  I walked to the shower in such a fog (no, not a mental one!) that I couldn’t see the shower building until I was almost there.   The humidity here right now is 97 percent, and I can hear the dripping, but it never gets to the ground.   Weird.  And lovely.

Glass today . . . more glass tomorrow . . . with a little bit of wine in between!