Pumpkins of Glass

11 September 2009

Patriot Day

I wore red, white and blue today. Although packing is in full swing, I waited until after today to take down the flag in the MBistro. And, throughout the day, each time I asked someone, “so, where you you eight years ago today?”—I remembered.

I did the glassblower’s apprentice thing all morning, and until about 2:30, when Shannon encouraged me to leave, go shower and get ready to go to Chicago with Sean and Amber. We had learned of a little collectibles show where our friend Jeff Easley was to be a guest arstist, along with a number of others, including Chris Achilleos. I wanted to go, and didn’t need too much prodding . . . just the assurance that Shannon wouldn’t feel that I had let her down. She provided that, and more as she reminded me that she can actually make pumpkins alone—just a different style of pumpkin than what she can do with an assistant. Knowing there are more days of pumpkin goodness ahead of us, I put the guilt aside, channelled my inner geek and shoved the sketchbook into my purse.

The trip down was longer than I’d hoped, but faster than I’d feared. We got to the event at about five o’clock, to find that it was a quiet little gathering called Chicago Entertainment Collectors Expo. I had a serious flashback moment—this was just like every little mini-con I’ve ever attended! Only the names and faces were different. The dealers room was small and full of tables covered in collectible cards, artist’s prints, books, comics, toys, and photographs. It took literally seconds to assess the place and to find Chris Achilleos. Since he was the main reason I’d made the trip, that’s where I went first.

The details of my little geek-fest are unimportant. I should simply say that Chris (yes, he prefers that) is a charming man, slight of build, and when we left, he was sporting the hat that Amber had been wearing! She traded it for a small print of one of his lovely paintings! Although he first said “I don’t do sketches”—he is a painter, after all!–I left with an original Chris Achilleos sketch in the sketchbook (it’s a really neat Greek soldier done in Sharpie), as well as one from a young man named Jeff Clark. I enjoyed a rather lengthy visit with Jeff Easley, while the second sketch took place. I had a great time. And, although Amber was ready to leave long before Sean and I were, I think they had a good time, too. Sean found a few comics he couldn’t live without, and it was on the way out that the hat exchange and some other purchasing from Chris took place.

On the way home, (after stopping to take this photo!) we stopped to eat at a fun fifties drive-in themed place called Portillo’s. Yummy food. Fun place. Then, home to do more packing and fall in bed.  So I can get up and help make beautiful glass!  Today’s photo is of some of the pumpkins I’ve helped with so far.  Woo hoo!