Molly Ragamuffin Malone

10 September 2009

I spent most of the day in the glass studio today. A variation on my normal end of Bristol routine has me staying here another week or so. After discussing it carefully with Kyle, and receiving his blessing, I committed to Shannon to stay and help her with production for a few days. She has an event in California in early October for which she cannot possibly make enough product between now and then. So, in an effort to maximize her productivity, she is staying here with her bigger furnace and lehr, to crank out as much as she can before heading west. And, of course, with help, she can accomplish even more.

So, it works out well for her to have the extra hands on the floor, and it works out great for me because I get to log quite a few hours as an apprentice. This will actually be the biggest chunk of concentrated time I’ve ever had to give it, so I’m very pleased. And, although I miss Kyle terribly and cannot wait to be at home with him, I also am not really looking forward to the temperatures in the nineties, after experiencing the early fall we’ve got here. I am getting my packing done a little bit here and there, and hopefully, the timing will work out pretty well.

Today’s photo is of one of Shannon’s dogs, Molly. This dog came to Shannon as a “rescue” from a customer who couldn’t keep her. If I remember correctly, Shannon had mere hours of warning that she was coming. I was at the glass studio when she first arrived that day, and she was an overweight, demanding little thing with obvious issues. It’s been at least five years or so, and Molly is now as dear a little companion as anyone could want.  She’s a cuddle bug and always wants to be nearby.  Shannon tends to give all of her dogs numerous nicknames, and Molly is no exception.  Her tag actually says “Butter,” another of her nicknames. Ragamuffin has long been her middle name (she was originally named by Shannon–Molly Doll Ragamuffin Morgan). Molly Malone is a new nickname. We still don’t know exactly what breed or mix of breeds she is, but, she sure can work a pillow!