Dessert . . . Mangia!

9 September 2009

Another day of pretty hardcore packing.  Trying to get the Rubbermaid tubs all nested back in the trailer and off the floor of the booth.  Unfortunately, I simply cannot do that sort of work at much of a speedy pace.  My back simply won’t allow it.  And, our weather today, turned terribly muggy.  So, when it was time to break for dinner, I had not yet accomplished all I had set out to do.  A little frustrated, but not about to let it keep me from any pre-planned fun, I gave up shortly after five o’clock, and showered and dressed for dinner.  This was committee meeting night!

Actually, it was not so much of a meeting as it was a celebration.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening of friendship and fellowship in honour of the proposed union of Shannon and Kyrana.  Delaenya was absent, unfortunately, but wrote a truly beautiful text message which Kelly read to the table.  All of the rest of us were there — Kelly, Chad, Ginger, Buffy, Linda, myself, and of course, Shannon and Kyrana.  We had cocktails at the bar, and then one of the best meals I’ve had all summer, at Mangia! in Kenosha.  And the wine!  And then the cappuccino and dessert!

Our beautiful dessert presentation is pictured here, in a photograph actually framed by Kelly (I took similar shots that simply didn’t turn out well, and Kelly used my camera, so we’re gonna cheat today, folks, and call it done.)

Life is good!