Gaffer and Girl

5 September 2009

In less than a year, these two wonderful women pictured today in my photo will be more legally joined! Tonight was their “engagement party.” I’m choosing to write about this in a far less elaborate tone than is my preference, for one reason only: Shannon wants to hold her mom’s hand, look her in the eye, and tell her she’s getting married. Since she’s here, and will be for a while, she won’t get to do that for another week or two. So, shhhhh . . . . don’t tell!

The party was lovely, hosted by the girls at Native Earth Footwear, and attended by at least thirty or forty folks. I was proud to be there, and even more proud to be introduced as a part of the “committee.”

It was established about two years ago, that some of us have better taste—or at least better judgement—than others when it comes to choosing a life-partner. For those that have issue with choosing well, it has been decided, that his or her choices will in the future be required to meet inspection and approval by the committee!

Kyrana meets everyone’s approval! Congratulations to Shannon and Kyrana!