Amber's Rogueing 12

7 September 2009

Well . . . it’s over. Always a bittersweet day—the final day of a faire—but this time, somehow moreso. And, the end of this faire is always harder for most of us, it seems, than the end of other faires. I think it’s because we have such a close community at this show. Or, because the time flies when we are here, and there are still places unvisited, restaurants that have yet to serve us, and a Chico’s outlet store right across the highway! Because I have so many incredibly wonderful people in my life that I only really get to spend time with when I’m here. Because I love the owners of this faire. Because Texas weather is on the far end of the trip home.

However, also on the far end of the trip home is my wonderful husband and two amazing dogs. And my house full of all my wonderful stuff. And all my Texas friends and chosen family that I love so dearly. It will be good to get home.

My photo today is of Amber, a young woman I have come to love. She is the girlfriend of another dear friend, Sean, who works for me in the Pendragon booth, and without whom I would be quite lacking these past three years. Sean arranged today, as a surprise to Amber, and as a final aspect of their relationship’s anniversary, for the Rogues Guild to single out his girl and perform what is known as a “rogueing.” The Rogues Guild is a loosely organized group of men, with representatives at nearly every faire nationwide. They have as their goal, making women feel wanted and valued, while maintaining a cavalier attitude and a penchant for the mischievous. For a rogueing, they each show up with a rose, and upon calling upon a woman, and placing her in a position of honour (today, they managed to place a bench for Amber in the one spot of direct sunlight there was in our little corner of the faire), they each present her with the rose, and proceed to tell her how beauteous, how fair, how marvelous a woman she is. Some on bended knee, some with a kiss to the hand, all with great posturing and yet a delightful aire of the genuine. This experience happened to me once at Hawkwood in Texas, many years ago and I have never forgotten it. It is a great feeling, and I was very excited to see Amber with such a glow on her face, knowing exactly how she felt.

Amber is fortunate to have a guy like Sean who would arrange such a thing, and be rather intrigued by all the attention being given to his girl, rather than disturbed by it.
And, Sean is fortunate to have a girl such as Amber. It is my sincere desire, that they can grow with each other and continue to make each other happy for a long time.

. . . and tomorrow we pack!