Making Toast

4 September 2009

Yes . . . this is our gaffer, Shannon Jane Morgan, of Girl Glass fame. Maker of beautiful goblets and other glassware. And she is indeed pictured here, working in front of the “glory hole,” with a tool in hand. However, a quick inspection of this photo will reveal, not a pipe or punte in her hand . . . no molten glass about to be a bowl or drinking vessel. Nope. This is Shannon making toast!

On midsummer days at Bristol, we ladies frequently gather for breakfast, Kelly and I at the least, in what we’ve come to call the MBistro—the lovely little zone we’ve created behind my shoppe. It’s a paved area, complete with giant umbrella for shade and a table and chairs enough to accomodate my “morning friends.” I buy plants each year when I arrive, and do some container gardening to brighten up the place. I love it, and it is a great way to start the day. But, in the last three weeks or so, since autumn seemed to arrive so early here this season, we’ve instead more often gathered for our breakfast and coffee, at the Glass Studio, where, when it’s really chilly, we can sit around the furnace for warmth, and should your coffee get cold, a couple of minutes on top of the furnace and you’re good to go! (It’s a great late night spot, too, ’cause the fire keeps the mosquitoes at bay!)

This morning, I’m afraid I awoke later than normal, and when I rounded the corner at the studio, this is what I saw . . . Shannon decreeing a toaster unnecessary!

Final day of production for the Bristol 2009 season—busy crafters everywhere! We’re supposed to be in store for an absolutely gorgeous weather weekend! Woo hoo!