3 September 2009

The final production week of Bristol is flying by so fast it’s staggering. I’m not sure how it got to be Thursday already, but here it is. After a pretty productive workday, a gaggle of five women piled into Ginger’s truck and headed to Milwaukee to meet Larry and Denise for a Champagne Tasting at their favourite wine place—Waterford Wine Company.

This is a charming wine boutique, featuring personal service in a quaint old house-turned-storefront, with a classy tasting room upstairs.  Kelly had experienced the place before, as have the Giesens, but  the rest of us had only heard the stories.  None of us were terribly enamoured of the tasting being for champagne, rather than some other form of wine, but neither were we prepared to be choosy.  We had by necessity, missed the other two Waterford tasting events of the summer. and this was our final chance.  And add to that the notion of sharing the event with such dear friends, and our attendance was a sure thing!

We girls left the faire site at around 4:30 p.m.—Ginger, Kelly, Kyrana and Shannon and me, with an eye on getting to Milwaukee early enough for dinner before the tasting.    That worked out okay, and we ended up dining at Cempazuchi,   a sweet little place featuring the cuisine of South America.  I had delicious salmon tacos and some ceviche!   We finished there, stopped into a coffee shop for Shannon to order up an espresso, and then on to the Waterford Wine Company.

The man who owns the place, Ben, is an extremely useful guy.  He is terribly knowledgeable about his wares, and rather fully entertained us with his chatty method of teaching a portion of what he knows, as we sampled his wine.  Nine different champagnes in all, I believe, and the most important lesson I learned, was not to be romanced by the price tag. We tasted modest bottles that were great, and pricey bottles that were so-so, and everything in between.

For more photos I took this evening, visit my Flickr stream.

While I would have preferred a more intimate gathering (we did share the tasting with a second group of six or seven folks) it was a wonderful evening spent amongst good friends and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Thanks, Larry and Denise!