Purple and White

1 September 2009

I have outstanding friends. And, I’m lucky enough that some of those friends choose to work for me, despite my idiosyncracies. And, the wonderful friends that work for me here at Bristol are really good at sneakily paying attention to comments I make about liking something, or wanting something, and then, POOF! There it is.

That’s what happened this past weekend. I had it on my list of things to do, to go and price the six foot long Tibetan Lamb scarves at the sheepskin booth. I have a couple of them that I dearly love, and was hoping for a new colour—especially since it’s been cold, and I left all my awesome wintery stuff at home this summer. I mean, really, who knew? So, anyway, when Sean wanted to run an errand in that direction, I asked him to stop in (he has a friend who works there) and find out the price I wanted to know. He came back wearing three awesome colours of them, and although they didn’t have the peacock blue I was hoping for, they did have a fabulous royal purple colour that I was obviously attraced to. The next day—POOF! There it was! The day was winding down, and we were restocking and starting to get a little silly . . . and then, POOF! The purple fuzzy thing appeared and they all had “sheepish” grins!

Did I mention I have wonderful friends?

Well, much like I’ve noticed in the past with my older ones, Artemis loves this scarf. She nestles her head in it when I’m wearing it, and she’s on my lap. And, today, I found her sleeping on my bed in the middle of this bright purple scarf. Too cute! I, of course, had to take her photo. So, today, instead of being my pink and white cat, she’s my purple and white cat!

One further note: the scarf was on the bed, because I’ve been wearing it while I sleep—it’s cold here!