Between the Planks

31 August 2009

I have no idea where the month of August went. Somebody stole it!

This is a shot of my roof, looking up from inside, after the old rolled roofing material has all been removed. I had no idea there was so much space between the planks! It’s a good thing there’s absolutely no rain in the forecast for the next five days! It’ll be Wednesday before the new roofing material goes on. But, before the guys left today, they had replaced all the bad planks up there, and all the bad plywood on the lower roof. Yay for contractors and workers who do what they promise in the time stated!

Lunch today with Delaenya, George and Kelly. It was a late lunch at El Sarape, and the lateness of lunch meant our afternoon tea and pie didn’t happen until after 6 p.m. That, in turn meant that my late night movie watching with Sean and Amber was punctuated with a trail mix snack. I should have heated up my lunch leftovers, but it was too cold for me to feel like trotting down the stairs to the fridge. I am seriously looking forward to this little building project that gives me more living space, and should allow for my fridge to be upstairs!! Next year, I’m gonna feel like I’m in a palace!