Bristol VIII Bloody Mary Sunday

30 August 2009

Fall has come to Bloody Mary Sunday! And, to make my photo even more interesting—meet my newest piece of Girl Glass! It matches my new Greentree Weaving wrap! And the swath of daring in my hair (fading all too rapidly, I’m sad to report).

It’s been a peacock sort of summer!

Perfect, crisp . . . okay kinda cold . . . faire weather today. People in layers. It was a decent day in the booth, but I was able to take a quick walk with Ginger after six o’clock. The results of that little excursion were captured on film by others . . . perhaps I’ll find a way to share that silliness another day.

After hours, we decided to stay in again . . . Kelly and Delaenya and I gathered in Kelly’s house and ended up in a game of three-hand mah jongg! Then . . . I had the wonderful good fortune of finding Shannon still at the Pig and Whistle when I went home around midnight, and I went with her back to the studio where she and Kyrana and Chad Fabulous and I sat around the furnace and chatted until way too late.

How I love my Wisconsin summers . . . I just want Kyle and Cormac and ‘Tia to be able to enjoy them, too! My whole family here would make July and August just about perfect!