Autumn Deck

28 August 2009

Almost everybody who knows me, knows how I love autumn and how homesick I get for New York when I know the leaves are turning. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to experience a northern fall, but this year I seem to be coming awfully close!  I took today’s photo early this morning—this is the deck that makes up the stage at the Pig and Whistle pub next door— zoomed in from my balcony/roof. I actually like this photo so much, it might need to be my new computer wallpaper for a while.

I know the calendar still reads August and that Fall doesn’t officially start until the Equinox in September. But, we certainly seem to be having fall weather in Wisconsin right now. The temperatures have been cool for well over a week, and there has been considerable precipitation. In fact, the faire site is really quite soggy and not at all ready for the thousands of feet that will trample it tomorrow and Sunday. I wouldn’t suggest coming anywhere near this faire site without wearing wellies this weekend!

Except for a brief outing for dinner this evening with Kelly and Shannon and Kyrana and Chad and a new friend, ChadDavid, I was on site all day, most of it spent in the workshop sewing.

I snapped my photos for today, very early in the day, and it has continued to rain!  It’s going to be an interesting weekend.