Top of the Lighthouse

24 August 2009

Monday.   My turn to wake up feeling a little like roadkill warmed over.  Sore throat.  Bad headache.  Not hungry at all . . . not even wanting coffee. So many of my friends have had the crud—I sure didn’t want it. I finished my paperwork for Pendragon, had a short visit with Delaenya and Kelly and was in the process of trying to decide what to do with myself, when Kelly called.  She was taking Delaenya and Lacey to the airport, and then needed to do a post office run, and a banking errand, and figured if I went with her, we could also do lunch.  Since I wasn’t feeling well enough to make decisions on my own, I got dressed to go along.

We dropped the girls off at the Milwaukee Airport and then headed back south to Racine where I needed to go to the bank.  Then, even though I was still not feeling very good, we went to lunch—a sweet little place Kelly knew about right near the lake, called Red Onion Cafe.  Yum.  I was still dealing with a very nasty headache through lunch, but it was so tasty and the company so pleasant, I soon talked myself right out of the pain. (Of course the ibuprofen didn’t hurt, either!)

We were too late by this point, for me to make it to my other banking location in Kenosha, so we decided to take a little Monday afternoon detour to the Wind Point Lighthouse.  Kelly and John had recently found the place, and she knew I’d appreciate it.  She was right!  This is a totally charming little “Great Lakes Lighthouse” from the nineteenth century.  It is now the center of the village of Wind Point, and houses their small police department.  There is a small museum and a delightful garden area.  I was completely charmed and will now look forward to showing it to other people.  We were headed back south again, when we came upon the Racine Zoo and both commented we’d never been there, and kept meaning to visit. *beat* *beat* “Well, why not?” we both decided . . . we didn’t have anything terribly pressing today—not until later anyway.  So, Kelly dropped me at the curb, I bought the tickets ($5 each!) and she parked her van.  For the next hour and a half, we had a fabulous time walking around this small municipal zoo, taking photos and soaking up some sunshine.  Although the “big ticket” animals seem to be limited to a lion, a tiger, a couple of giraffes and a nice primate exhibit, the historical buildings are lovely, and the gardens and grounds are beautiful.  Well worth the five bucks admission.

We came back to faire site and had just enough time to relax and check our email and such, before heading back into Kenosha for a dinner gathering with some friends.  The girls who own our beloved Franks Diner, Chris and Lynn, had signed the papers today on their civil union and we weren’t wanting to miss their “wedding dinner.”  The gathering was at Ashling on the Lough, another place we’ve come to appreciate for both its atmosphere and its menu.  Drinks in the bar, and then a wonderful private banquet room for the dinner.  After dinner, everyone went back to Chad’s house for his homemade tiramisu (recipe borrowed from Sandy).  Not a tiramisu fan, myself, but this stuff was yummy.

Finally, way later than we’d have preferred, we were back in our respective little houses around midnight.  It had been a long day, but an unusually marvelous Monday!