Newlyweds Nick and Desiree

25 August 2009

A day of work and errands eventually ended with a delightful early evening wedding and reception—my second “wedding” event in two days! It’s been the summer for that!  Desiree is the proprietor of a renfaire business called Nomadia which sells lovely middle Eastern-inspired clothing. When we all showed up at Bristol this summer, she was sporting a charming young man on her arm, and just days later they announced their engagement. Today was their wedding day.

The wedding took place in the chapel at the Kemper Center in Kenosha—a beautiful place that was built in the nineteenth century as a boarding school for girls. They had what was actually a very traditional western wedding, complete with veil and scriptures, but spiced up a little with personalized vows. It was a small, intimate affair, and over rather quickly. My camera batteries were dying so I conserved my photo taking (indoor photos were too blurry to take many) and snapped my photo of the day as we all left the beautiful chapel. (I took this one of Shannon and Kyrana, before the wedding.)

Next came dinner at a place I’d never been! Yay! Pazzo’s—a very upscale-feeling restaurant with a fabulous menu.  I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy some quality time with Chad and Shannon and Kyrana—we all opted to order plates off the Tapas menu and share everything four ways—it was perfect! Fabulous company, tasty mojitos and a selection of cheese and scallops and dips and breads . . . a yummy evening all-round.