Kristen and Peach Creme Fresche Pie!

22 August 2009

Having stayed up way too late, and slept way too late, I skipped breakfast this morning. That was okay, though, ’cause our energy levels were high. The weather was cool and crisp and wonderful, and we were fairly busy all day.

At one point in the late morning, I had just uttered the words, “I’m hungry, but I want breakfast, not lunch” and what appears? Kristen and this amazing work of art from her kitchen! She had baked us a peach creme fresche pie! Just ’cause she loves us! A more perfect breakfast I cannot imagine! And delicious beyond belief. I don’t even really like peaches, and I thought this was magnificent. Imagine the state of nirvana I will achieve next weekend, when she brings us strawberry rhubarb pie!