24 August 2009
Got home very late from a PubGuys scouting/drinking session. During my outing my wife had called me no less than four times and texted me at least once. She really needed me to find something for her and I wasn’t at home. I wasn’t at home at my normal time. I wasn’t at home an hour after normal. Nor two. Nor three I got home perhaps four to four and half hours later than typical. She was understandably worried and, I imagine, miffed.
I called her as soon as I walked in the door. After getting the worried, “where the hell have you been” bits out of the way, she asked me to find something for her on, around or near her desk.
This desk is her workzone during faire season and this year when faire was over, it sat unused while she prepared her departure for Bristol. I’m sure the things she need are there, I just can’t find them.

~KR (Written on 25 August 2009)

Listening to:
The Mob Rules by Bladk Sabbath
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