Lake Geneva

18 August 2009

Breakfast this morning in the MBistro . . . Kyle and I, Kelly and John, Gregg and Susan, Stephen . . . although not all at the same time. Stephen said his goodbyes and headed to the airport shortly after Kyle went to work this morning. Yep. That’s what I said—Kyle went to work. That was pretty cool . . . he had arranged weeks ago to spend his day training folks at the Cargo facility at O’Hare. I wish he could arrange such things more often when I’m up here! 😉 His plans were a bit thwarted once he got there, but, he rolled with the punches and did a presentation in a meeting rather than the training he was prepared to do. The upside for me was that he finished earlier than he might have otherwise, and we had most of the afternoon to amuse ourselves on this, his last day in Wisconsin.

We decided on a whim, to drive west out Highway 50 to the beautiful little town of Lake Geneva. It’s about a forty-five minute drive or so, and a lovely one, at that. We parked, fed a meter, and began a leisurely walk of the little downtown zone. A bit touristy, but just my flavour of fun! And, to make it more Kyle’s flavour of fun, we stopped into a couple of pubs here and there along the way and sampled brews that were new to him. We spent some time right at the lakefront, watching people and taking photos. My photo today is one of those.

About the time we were feeling our feet, and the stores were all closing, we got a text from Delaenya asking what our dinner plans were. Spontaneity being in no short supply today, we said “yes” to the invitation to join a group for sushi and hibachi. We did take the scenic route around and through the town of Lake Geneva, looking at houses, and dreaming a bit of how incredible it would be to live there. I told Kyle, this is my sort of little town—cute homes, lots of green, beautiful water, close enough to big cities—it actually reminds me a lot of many little towns in my part of New York. (Of course, I know that’s a huge part of why I love Wisconsin so much!)

We were the first to arrive at dinner, with George soon thereafter, and the group of nine was seated by 7:15 or so. Kyle and I split a steak and salmon hibachi meal and it was fabulous! This was my first time to Honada Restaurant this season and I must remember to visit again, if only for their California rolls!

We were home early enough from dinner that we opened a bottle of wine and began to watch a movie, but both of us were tired before it was over. Fortunately, we’d chosen a light favourite we are both very familiar with, and we did last through all the Edna scenes! “No capes!”

The Incredibles. The name of the movie, and perfect word for our week together. Incredible fun. Incredible experience. Incredible learning. Incredible food. Incredible music. Incredible places. Incredible friends. Incredible love. That trip to the airport tomorrow will be incredibly hard.