Bristol VI Bloody Mary Sunday

16 August 2009

Another sticky, humid day at Bristol . . . almost as if the weather was mocking us. Kyle so dislikes the hot and humid, and yet here we are—hot and humid. Just watch . . . it’ll be gorgeous next weekend!

Anyway, it was practically a carbon copy of yesterday—some felt it was worse, others felt it was better. I was in the “better” category, so today I donned multiple skirts and a comfortable bodice, rather than just the velvet dress. And, Kyle put on a simple ensemble as well, so that when we walked around a wee bit, we were presentable. It was simply too hot for us to walk much—I don’t know how our patrons do it! I’m just glad they do! We did procure for Kyle a lovely new mug, and for me a new handmade broom. The fourteenth anniversary’s traditional gift is ivory and in modern times has been replaced with “gold jewelry.”  But, I figure, since on our fifth anniversary, we did gold jewelry, and traditionally should have done wood, we’re all even now!  🙂

As has become our norm, it being Sunday, the day started (after coffee) with bloody marys. And, it was quite the pouring, today! Not only did I get to share with Kyle, but we also shared our Sunday tradition,  with John and Ian and Ashley and Gregg and Susan and Maron and Meredith, in addition to my Bristol usuals, Kelly and Sean and Paul! It was fun, and I will finally have to go buy more fixings for next week!

Big dinner tonight at Red Robin—average food, perhaps, but they are so good at dealing with our big parties.  Tonight, the manager asked specifically for our schedule for the next few weeks so she could arrange to work when we might come in!  I guess they enjoy us, as much as we appreciate them.  That’s pretty sweet!