Artemis on the Step

20 August 2009

Okay, yesterday, I was mopey . . . I’m sorry. I miss my husband. Our visit together was almost entirely wonderful, and even when it wasn’t wonderful it was good. And always, when he has to leave I get sad.

I am determined to be over it, today, because, he’s where he needs to be and I’m where I need to be, and in just about three short weeks, that’ll be the same place! I am lonely, and anxious to be with him again, but it will go fast. And the cute cat helps!

So, today, I got up when he called me, had a wonderful chat with him as I woke up, and then, as he arrived at work, I got dressed and headed to breakfast with Bristol family at Franks Diner. I didn’t actually get to serve coffee this morning, but we sure had a fun breakfast. The girls Chris and Lynn, who own the place, had reserved the back room for us, so there was no waiting for a table. And, since most of us that were there today, are now recognized as “family,” we got awesome service and personal attention. That we all love the place regardless, is a fact, but this was a fun morning event.

I did a bunch of computer work in the early afternoon, some sewing in the later part of the day, and then, at about five, I hitched a ride with Kelly and John to go to Maron and Meredith’s house in Lake in the Hills for what has become our annual Cuban dinner night. As always the food was delicious and the company was outstanding—a different branch of my wonderful Bristol family. Since I got to ride shotgun, Kelly slept on the way home and I got to have a wonderful conversation with John, learning more about him, his work, and about myself! That he is a remarkable guy and I’m fortunate to call him friend—is quite the understatement.

One special note about today is that Kyle had his first job interview for the new position he is looking at within American Airlines Cargo. Seems it went well, and more interviews will follow—the first of those is tomorrow. So, send positive thoughts his way! Whatever happens, I am very proud of him.

I love you, sweetheart!