Paper Wasps

13 August 2009

Kyle got to have a very relaxing vacation day, today. Moreso than I’d intended.

I hate having to work while he’s in town, and I had pretty much planned my sewing around his visit. But, after an enjoyable breakfast in the MBistro, Kelly and I went upstairs into the room where dinner was to be served Saturday night and discovered the need for much additional cleaning to what had already been done. I set to work on it, and nearly six hours later, finally went to take a shower and get ready for dinner. Kelly and John went to town to do some shopping related to getting ready for the same dinner party, and helped with the final cleaning tasks. My real task was supposed to have been decorating the room, and since I love doing that, the cleaning wasn’t such a big deal. I’m even reupholstering three of the dining chairs!When all was said and done, I felt very good about my work, and am confident that the room will be the perfect setting for a fabulous dinner.

Even though I ended up working during the day, it is wonderful to have Kyle here with me.

This beautiful, if not intimidating nest is hanging from the eave of the Excalibur Leather shoppe. I believe it to be the work of bald-faced hornets, which, upon doing some research, I have learned actually eat other bugs, and don’t really have any interest in attacking humans who leave them alone!