Kyle and Terrill at Irish Fest

14 August 2009

Today was a day we look forward to all year—our day at the Milwaukee Irish Fest. And, we had a giant pile of some of our dearest friends there with us, this year. As my photo shows, even Terrill, in from Texas, was there to experience the largest Irish Festival in the USA.

We got a later start to our Milwaukee trip, due to cancelled lunch plans and a little bit of miscommunication. Terrill ended up getting himself to downtown Milwaukee, so we simply met him at the pub in which he had made himself at home. Shannon outdid herself with the tailgate party this year, and most of us had consumed aplenty and made multiple trips to the porta-privies before we even entered the festival gates.

The musical offerings this year were more to my liking than they have been some years—Screaming Orphans; I thoroughly enjoyed a Nova Scotian presentation called “DRUM!;” and then we were all impressed by The Red Hot Chili Pipers! I did a tiny bit of shopping, but not much—too tempting, I guess. Mostly, this year, it was about hanging out with fabulous friends.

We got home around midnight, and didn’t waste too much time crashing in preparation for the weekend ahead.