Elephant Walk

12 August 2009

Kyle is here! Woo hoo!

I picked up Kyle at the airport at about 1 p.m.! We are pretty sure this is the earliest he’s ever been able to arrive for his visit here. We had lunch at El Sarape, picked up the laundry and had a delightfully relaxed afternoon at the faire site until it was time to gather with friends for dinner.   We actually ended up having Mexican food again!  This time at Las Cazuelas in downton Kenosha.  Tasty meal, and fun times.

I could sure get used to having my husband here with me . . .

I snapped this photo of Frank walking his elephants back home for feeding time, as we were driving away from the site for dinner. It struck me as a somewhat unusual sight—at least for those who don’t live at a renfaire!