Studio at Rest

11 August 2009

The glass studio at Bristol is a busy place by day. And, much to our surprise and delight, it was still a busy place this evening when we got back to the site at after 11 o’clock. Shannon and Kyrana were still hard at work, making the 17th of what was soon to be 18 small vases in one day! That’s a long work day, folks! After a brief, but wonderful visit with them, Kelly headed to bed around midnight, and it was nearly 1 a.m. before my yawns gave me away and I said my goodnights as well. But, upon arriving home, and making my bed (I stripped the sheets today and bought myself a memory foam topper for my futon!) I realized I hadn’t used my camera all day. So, knowing that Shannon was charging the furnace (adding fresh glass batch to the crucible and turning the heat up high) I grabbed my camera and headed back over there. She was done and gone when I got there, though, so the photo I ended up with is static and calm, rather than fiery and busy.

Kelly and I would have been at the glass studio sooner, but we were shopping! In fact, we spent almost all day shopping. We had important errands to run early in the day . . . banking, post officing, dropping off laundry, picking up crucial items from the health and beauty aids department of the local Target . . . but, Kelly also needed to buy some clothes. She was feeling a lack of classy pants and shirts in her wardrobe, and most importantly, she desperately needed a new dress for a very important date next week, and I was determined to help! So, six stores and a number of hours later, she has a perfectly gorgeous little black cocktail dress with an asymmetrical hem and a floaty, chiffon drape in the back that makes her look like the goddess she is!

We even involved Stephen in the last phase of the dress shopping. He is a veteran at such things, and was a big help to her. And, then of course, there was food. We picked Appleby’s due to their “midnight or later” closing time. It was a full and wonderful day—much was accomplished and we girls got to spend quality time together. It’s going to be a busy week from here on out, so today was a great battery-charging sort of day!

Kyle arrives tomorrow . . . yay!