Bristol V Bloody Mary Sunday

9 August 2009

Another in my Sunday series. This one is noteable, because you can still see the price tag on the bottom of my newest glass acquisition. It’s like a strawberry parfait with golden sprinkles! It’s very me. And, it literally leapt into my hand one day this week as Kelly and I were visiting with the gaffer. *
There are worse things to be addicted to, than beautiful art glass!

A miserable day at faire—too hot for more than one bloody mary. In fact, I got almost frighteningly overheated after only half an hour in costume, and backed way down to a cotton middle eastern shift for most of the day. And, it didn’t even get as hot as predicted, thank goodness!

At day’s end, though, I was done. No dinner out for me. Leftovers and a beer and paperwork and inventory and in bed by midnight!


*Note: “Gaffer” is the title chosen by Shannon Jane Morgan to refer to herself as our master glassblower. Historically, it is an old British derivation of the word “grandfather” and came to mean “old one” or “boss.” It was used respectfully to refer to a masculine village elder. Since the nineteenth century it has been used to refer to one in charge of workers, especially when those workers are apprentices. Although my experience is limited to Shannon’s studio, it is my understanding that the term is fairly common in glassblowing studios around the world. (In the motion picture industry, the term refers to the head electrician, responsible for execution and sometimes even design of a production’s lighting.)