Purple CanCan

4 August 2009

Tuesday . . . the day before the show, and my skirt is done! After many years of faithful service, the 21-year-old cancan skirt can rest. And the fabulous new cancan skirt of purple-y goodness will see its debut at the Folk Dance Showcase show tomorrow night! Woo hoo! In fact, I finished this with time to spare, so I’ll spend much of today adding rows of ruffles to the remaining two cancan skirts for this season’s high-kicking first act finale.

It didn’t really start out this way, but this purple skirt has ended up being the perfect skirt if the TCU Showgirls were going to do a cancan number! Which, I might add, is a very interesting thought . . .”

So, Act I of Folk Dance Showcase—A World Tour, presents various folk dances from around the world. We visit England, Scotland and Ireland, then on to Syria for belly dancing, and the Balkans for some Bulgarian, Serbian and Greek dancing. Russia is represented by the well-known korobushka, and then, France, with my cancan girls. It really ought to be a load of fun.

Tonight’s dress rehearsal is for Act II, so that should go quickly. Act II is focused on American Folk Dance. I was hoping for square dancing and clogging, but that will have to be another show. We do have a native American dance, some fun country-western and club line dancing, some urban hip hop, and a bunch of fabulous swing dancing. We even decided to include the Hokey Pokey and get all our kids on the stage! And, we’re ending the act with a nod to Disco, complete with a disco ball and the whole company back on stage to do The Hustle! Most of the music for Act II is canned—Ginger has worked hard to gather it all into mp3 format and her wonderful little IPod and docking station or her computer will provide our sound tonight. Tomorrow, we bring in the big guns, and Jerry Barry will take Ginger’s work and put it through his larger sound system for the show.

So . . . more ruffles . . .