Bristol IV Bloody Mary Sunday

2 August 2009

Just when we might have been tempted to think we couldn’t possibly have a prettier day, we were given the gift of today.  It was a fabulous weather day from the time the sun came up!  And, the crowds showed up.  Of course, they were still cautious, as a rule, and not inclined to easily spend $200 and up on clothing . . . but they were here and they were happy. 

After being afraid that this morning would come without me having any bloody mary mix on hand, both folks I asked to try to remember to pick some up, did indeed, and a third did it just to be thoughtful!  So, the resulting collection of bottles simply begged to be photographed.

Two of our bloody mary drinkers were absent today—Carol at her Fairy Festival and Paul on his way to Pennsyc.  But, we involved Gregg and Susan and Brian and Renee this morning, so still the group grew, rather than shrank!  I love that!  Traditions are meant to be shared!  Kelly and I actually enjoyed our drinks for quite a while, as it took a long while for the crowd to find their way to the faire today. 

Another highlight of the day was that it was Sean and Amber’s second anniversary and he was caught often sending her beautiful flowers.  I snapped this photo of her and some colorful stems he sent her throughout the day. They are a terribly cute couple and we wish them the best!

At the end of the day, it was decided that we wouldn’t go eat as a group tonight.  Ginger was off to a special swing dance party in Chicago, and although I was hungry, I was also very tired.  Kelly, too . . . so after some socializing in the MBistro, we all said good night.  I joined Susan and Gregg for some yummy chicken cacciatore and the watching of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Commentary:  The Musical.  Funny stuff. 

The Pig and Whistle was the scene, tonight, for a wonderful evening of jazz and bluesy sounding music by Billy Miller, Jerry Barry, Craig Broers and I’m not sure who all else.  I cannot see the stage from my booth, but I can hear it like it was in my space with me, and on these nights like this, it’s wonderful.  I did my paperwork for Nicole while listening, and as the pub was shutting down, I went to take a hot shower.   Now, I’m done with both, and struggling to be awake.

Tomorrow there will be more red ruffles for Ginger!