Green Ruffles

31 August 2009

It was a very strange Friday. All day long, I kept losing track of the fact that it was in fact—Friday. I guess it’s because I was away for part of the week, but it just didn’t feel like a Friday. I had purposely not scheduled any dance rehearsals for this day, because I knew I’d have my hands full with sewing and such, having been gone for three days. As it was, I was able to complete my part (she will add her own sequins!) of the green cancan skirt I was making for Gypsy. It came out great, and my photo today is of some of her ruffles. Ginger is officially jealous, now, and has apparently already procured red fabrics for me to use to add to her skirts’ fluffiness. I understand completely, for I too, now have ruffle envy. I will cheerfully add a few rows of ruffles to her cute red and white cancan skirt. Having been recently reminded that my skirt is old enough to order its own beer, I want a new one, too! I’m doubtful that I’ll have time to indulge myself on that topic!

El Sarape for dinner tonight—and my first ceviche of the season. Oh, goodness, it’s good!