Sean in the Goggles

1 August 2009
Lammas Day
Happy Birthday, Kimbelle!

An absolutely glorious day here at Bristol, and yet a lackluster crowd. It was small-ish, and it took them a very long time to “warm up” and seem to be having fun. Our sales were neither awful or fabulous—just pretty average. But, we know how to have fun, regardless.

Steampunk is all the rage right now, of course. And, at Pendragon Costumes we are scratching that itch was a fabulous new item—a Victorian-style corset, made of top grain leather, with swivel buckles at the front busk, and laces up the back. Yum—mmyy! At Swashbuckler, the smaller store owned by Excalibur Leather, our dear friends next door, they are selling brass goggles—the obligatory steampunk accessory. Maron bought his pair today, and this photo shows those goggles bringing out the best in Sean at dinner tonight!

Much like Friday didn’t seem like Friday, today didn’t seem like Saturday. We kept saying it felt like a Sunday. That could be due to the smaller crowd, or the lack of make-ready work we had to do this morning . . . or perhaps it’s ’cause we snuck a bloody mary into our Saturday morning? 😉

(I finished off the Zing Zang bottle and requested that a couple of folks try to get to a liquor store for more before coming to work tomorrow—I just found out there are five bottles coming my way tomorrow! Sweet! Won’t have to worry about that again for a week or two!! Thanks Drew & Renee and Sean & Amber!)