The New Gribble Family

28 July 2009

“This is the Day . . . this is the Day . . .”

My little brother got married, today! Woo hoo! After a number of years of searching for the right person to share his life, and complete his little family, today, Melanie became Mrs. Gribble.

The ceremony was planned for today, a Tuesday, mostly to allow me to attend. In the middle of a nine-weekend renfaire, the only way I could be there was if they picked a mid-week day, and since flying to and from Orlando is such a challenge, a Tuesday was pretty perfect. I was very grateful that they were willing to plan with me in mind. The gathering of folks was small and intimate—my mother’s chosen family of friends, many who harken back to the days when they all lived in Kansas. I think we were a party of 21 or so for the luncheon reception—which was fabulous!

As you can see from my photo, Melanie looked beautiful for her wedding day. William was as dashing as ever in his tuxedo, despite the extreme heat and humidity. And, McKenna was perfect.

My mom pretty much planned the ceremony itself. There was some music, a very brief homily, a couple of scripture readings (yours truly got to do those) and all the typical wedding stuff. It was lovely.

After the wedding and the luncheon, we all went back to the house for cake and gifts. By the time the crowd dispersed, it was time for another meal. William and Melanie left for their Key West honeymoon after a smaller informal dinner at a local barbecue joint.

It was a beautiful day. All went well. And, most importantly, they’re married! Woo hoo!