JC Penny's Dressing Room

25 July 2009

Weekend number three at Bristol started with a lovely Saturday—nice weather, and unfortunately, a very small crowd.  Who knows what’s up with that?  It was Oshkosh Air-Venture weekend.  I guess that pulls some folks away from us.  And, the weather was a little threatening toward the south.  But, at faire it was lovely, if a bit muggy.

At the end of the day, I changed clothes, and decided this was my very last chance to run out and try to find a pretty new dress to wear to my brother’s wedding.  At the last moment, Kat decided to go with me, and off we went. First stop at the outlet mall, and then, to the new JC Penney’s store in Kenosha that I’d had my eye on as a place I wanted to visit. 

I was sucessful in each stop of my little whirlwind spree!  I walked into Chico’s at 8 o’clock, out at a quarter after, on to Nine West, and by 8:40, we were at Penney’s.  We were met at the door with coupons and the knowledge that they were open ’til ten, not just ’til nine.  Then we came to realize that we were there on opening day!  I’d been thinking the store was open for weeks, and then here I was on their first day!  Obviously, my visit was meant to be.  I ended up finding a darling little dress and picked up a couple of other things as well.   My little shopping spree that began at 8 o’clock ended at 10 p.m. as we were among the last folks checking out at the Penney’s store.   By then, we were really hungry, so we took ourselves to Chili’s before heading back to faire.

I took this photo of the really charming dressing room in the lingerie department.  And, yes, Kat laughed at me, too! But, I was impressed.  This is a classy store!  In the dress department, there is a waiting area with cushy chairs and a big screen tv playing sports! 😉  Now, that’s clever!

It’s also my only photo today!