Bristol III Bloody Mary

26 July 2009

Another beautiful faire day, with such a small crowd and poor sales it was almost surreal. But, despite that frustration, we got through it . . . “like ya do.”

I would imagine that the “getting through it” was made easier by the observation of our Sunday morning traditon of bloody marys. Once again, although not all of my staff is interested, Sean, Kelly, Carol (even though she wasn’t working today!) and Paul (from Ginger’s shoppe) and myself, all enjoyed our drinks, and pretty much killed off another bottle of Zing Zang mix.

Chili’s (second night in a row for some of us) was the dinner spot, and after that, paperwork and computer stuff, followed by a shower, and some sleep. I must admit daylight was starting to glow in the sky by the time I laid down to take a nap. Leaving around 9 a.m. is the plan. Off to Florida for a wedding!