Susabella's Ruffles

24 July 2009

My day was largely overtaken by ruffles! 🙂

My photo is of the interior—the yummy part!— of the Can Can skirt I made for Susabella.  I love it!  I have way too much fun with this sort of thing.  With three of my dancers having danced a Can Can number with me before, I only have two new skirts to make for this year’s group, and now one is done!  (Of course, Ginger saw this one, and immediately had ruffle-envy, so there may be some tweaking to hers as well! <wink>)

So that’s the “ruffles” part of my day I wanted to share.  The remembering part of my offerings have to do with Hurricane Ike.  Remember him?  He swept into our lives and changed our world last September, and although hundreds of people still think about him daily, the news media has little to say about him, now.  So, when they do, I find it worth passing along to our readers here at The Daily KRuMB.

Amazing to me, to stop and think that only 65 percent of the folks who lived on Galveston Island before Ike, have even returned to their homes, much less, resumed a life of any degree of normalcy.  One of my new friends, a dear woman I met as a result of Ike and our shared love of writing, has written of the “new normal.”  Much like for New Yorkers, and indeed all Americans after 9-11-2001, life must go on.  But, it is forever changed.  I personally believe that it is all too easy for those of us who don’t live in places affected by these tragedies to forget what others are dealing with on a daily basis.  The news media abandons such stories within hours or days in favour of sports figure scandals and healthcare reform issues.  And in the case of Ike, there was this crazy election thing going on which, perhaps rightfully, took center stage.  Unfortunately, once out of the limelight, Ike was mostly gone forever from news reports.  But, the effects of that storm on so many people, continue to hold the spotlight of their thoughts and their daily lives.  Homes that are still not inhabitable.  Federal aid money still unpaid.  Businesses still in ruin.  Trees that will never again bloom or be green. These things are worth the rest of us remembering.