Irish Mill Pub

21 July 2009

My weeks here at Bristol are always full of both work and fun, and always seem to fly by. I miss Kyle and I miss the dogs and I even miss the house. But, even with the frequent pangs of homesickness, the time here passes quickly. The community here is so populated with fabulous people, some of whom I only get to see at this show, and some of them local folks, offering dinners at “home” and hot showers and porcelain conveniences! And, it’s an active community—breakfasts, dinners, parties, daily boccee games, charity fundraisers, and themed events—there’s always something going on! I’m working hard on helping to produce a Folk Dance Showcase show, as a benefit for RESCU. I’ll be assisting Shannon in the glass studio at least one morning a week. And, of course I squeeze in some sewing.

On this Tuesday, I had a meeting about music for the dance show, did some work in the workshop, and left site early in the evening to attend ballet class. I made it all the way through the class, by the way! I cheated a little and stayed flat for some of the relevers at the barre, which enabled me to be able to do the center floor work. I skipped only two combinations across the floor, and was able to do the final port-a-bras! Much better than last week, and very little pain! Woo hoo.

On the way home from class, Carol and I stopped at this neat little Irish pub that we’d seen on our way down the first time. She says it’s been there “forever.” The Irish Mill—totally adorable on the outside, and very comfortable on the inside, as well. Half-timbered-looking structure . . . a big rectangular bar, with seating all around, a few tables with chairs and a couple of snugs. I had a Guinness 250 while Carol ordered a cabernet, and we chatted about our childhood dance experiences and all sorts of other things as well. A change in music styles and volume chased us out at about 10:30, but that’s probably a good thing. We were both still 45 minutes from home, and very tired. This is a place I’d like to bring Kyle back to someday, though. He’d like it.