Flags over Breakfast

20 July 2009

Monday’s only photograph. This is my view from the wee balcony on the front of my booth, looking out over the lazy Monday Morning Breakfast on site.   I love that this weekly event takes place right outside my home, here.  Waking up to the sounds of breakfast is a good thing.

I wish I could say it was a lazy day for me! I had breakfast, and then went to the bank in Racine, and ran a couple of other errands. Then, I came back to site, held a Can-Can rehearsal, paid some bills online and by phone and decided I needed to make another trip to the bank. I scooped up Susabella on my way off site, and after the bank, we visited a thrift store and a fabric store, and were able to hunt and kill everything I’ll need to make two more Can-Can skirts! I’m grateful that three of my dancers already have their skirts from the last time I choreographed a Can-Can, and apparently, they love them enough to carry them with them on the road! 🙂

After the shopping, I picked up my laundry, and Susabella and I enjoyed a great meal at El Sarape. I worked on the Can-Can choreography, did some writing, and stayed up way later than I’d planned. I really need to quit that!