Karly and her Cow

18 July 2009
Happy Birthday, Shannon!

Proving once again, that the weather is one of the biggest factors in our lives at faire, today was gorgeous and sales were great. At least in our booth, we were busy and very happy, all day long.

After a great faire day, we were ready to be waited on and to have our food served to us in a timely fashion. We also had a very large group, due to the fact that this day was Shannon’s natal day, and just about everybody wanted to join us! So, off to Red Robin we went, where we know the service is good and they can easily accomodate a giant pile of people. (The fact that they serve a pretty darned tolerable margarita doesn’t hurt any either!)

The young lady in my photo is Delaenya’s teenage daughter, Karly.
She and I have a very fun bond and I am loving watching her grow into a beautiful person. The cow was a prize won by George out of one of those claw machines in the restaurant vestibule. I was amused.