Bristol II Bloody Mary Sunday

19 July 2009

Second in a series. This is my half-consumed bloody mary this morning. Maron worked today and enjoyed the tradition with us, and we added Paul to the list of bloody mary-takers today.

It was another fabulous day at the Bristol Faire! We did well again, surely due to another great weather day. I am aware that some of my friends would rather have the warmer, sunnier days, but from the perspective of Pendragon Costumes—clouds and cool temperatures are our friends!

I worked very late this evening, getting inventory and numbers done and off to Nicole so she can squeeze as much work as she can into her few hours before leaving for ComicCon. As I write this, now, it is nearing two a.m. and the needle on my thermometer is dipping below sixty degrees. I have a blanket across my lap, and I’m wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck under a fleece jacket. I have decided to wait until morning to shower!