A Summer Garden in Illinois

16 July 2009

After a day of mundane workshop set-up and simple sewing, the evening was a time of birthday celebration. Two of our dear friends, George and Shannon, were guests of honour at a gathering this evening at the beautiful home of longtime patrons-cum-friends. George hit the semi-centennial mark in April, and Shannon’s 50th birthday will be Saturday. Both much beloved, and both thinking the party tonight was for the other one, until we all arrived!

The home where this party was held made me terribly homesick. The backyard patio these folks have behind their lovely home, makes for a great photo background. And, in regards to the gardens and the big pond, it was so like my home in New York, that I simply couldn’t help being homesick.  I have jokingly started telling people that I’m backwards! Although I live in the south, now, I will hope to be retiring to the north!   My heart lies with the willow trees and the croaking frogs and the cattails.  Who knew thirteen years ago, that Wisconsin and Illinois would so be able to scratch the New York itch?