15 July 2009
I took this photo immediately after the screwdriver was returned to me.
The Tip
The tip.
I’ve been asked repeatedly why I don’t write as much as Marita Beth does. I’ve been asked why I stopped waxing thoughtful in my posts and am just posting dreary day-to-day stuff.
The tip.
Sometime back my wife posted a lovely review of a local restaurant – Mi Tierra – owned by a friend of ours – Damaris. That review was well-received, well-loved, but also very well visited. Do not misunderstand me, I love the traffic to the Daily KRuMB, it validates our reason for making it public. Anyone can keep a diary, but we keep one that is visible to the world. But, that was the tip. That review was circulated within my department and links to the Daily KRuMB were sent out through the entire division. Suddenly, I had a whole passel of co-workers reading my writing, looking at my photos and forming opinions about me – many of whom I have never met. The tip started to shear off exposing inner workings. Some of those people forming opinions are in an upper management capacity and I simply cannot afford to jeopardize my position or my career – make no mistake, this is my career – for the sake of philosophical rambling. I just can’t do it. So, although I cannot and will not return to edit or remove previous posts, I have to be politic in all my future writings so that I can preserve my livelihood. Because I know that some of my co-workers and much of my management will judge me by words here rather than my actions in the workplace, I choose discretion rather than individuality. One day, I hope, it won’t matter and I will be able to place my real thoughts in this space with relative impunity. But, until that day, I fear my writing shall be rather humdrum and all you shall see of me is the very tip.

~KR (Written on 16 July 2009)

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