Bristol I Bloody Mary Sunday

12 July 2009

Bristol I Bloody Mary Sunday

First in a series, perhaps . . . this is my first bloody mary of the Bristol season. The new tradition begun at Scarborough, continues here at Bristol, just without the much-longed for company of my husband and our girlfriends Damaris and Roxy and Mandy. But, the up-side of that, is that Kyle had his bloody mary this morning in Arlington, Texas; Damaris and Roxy had theirs in Larkspur, Colorado; and hopefully, Mandy had hers in Austin, TX. I enjoyed mine, with Kelly, in Kenosha/Bristol, Wisconsin. Hmmm . . . mwah-hah-hah! Taking over the world, one bloody mary at a time!

Oh, and we used Girl Glass, so they tasted better, too! I think I’ll use a different Girl Glass goblet every week and take photos of each one! I hope I can remember to do that.

The faire day was again, in a word, gorgeous! The crowd was happy and energetic, and our business day was punctuated by a couple of wonderfully large sales. It was a good weekend, all in all. Not the giant pile of money-making we once knew from an opening weekend, but perhaps this is the new reality—a solid weekend of happy people—it could certainly be worse! I’m not complaining.