My Wonderful Bristol Opening Day Crew

11 July 2009

As one rennie friend put it, “we won the weather lottery!” It was a beautiful day, although a bit warmer than my personal preference. But, the people came, and the magic happened!

We had a respectable day of business at Pendragon Costumes, and we had a good, solid staff to handle it. Those beautiful people are the subject of my photo today. Kat, my long-time right hand here at this show, and Sean, in his third year here with us are my full timers (Kat is the taller girl, and Sean is the guy on the right) Maron is working Saturdays for me–he’s worked one day a weekend for me for years! (He’s the guy on the left.) Adrianne will be his counterpart on Sundays, and although she’s new, she makes up for that with her smile! And on this opening weekend, since historically it should be so much busier than a normal weekend, I have my dear friend Carol helping us, as well. She’s a long-time customer, and the one who has arranged for me to have a couple of ballet classes to attend this month. (She’s the one between Kat and Sean in the photo.)

We were completely ready for our day about half an hour before opening this morning! I was fully dressed. The mannequins were all done and placed. The booth looked great, and I had time to organize this photo! Woo hoo!