Monday Sunset

13 July 2009

High on the very long list of reasons why I love Wisconsin, is the always beautiful sky. It seems to me, that no matter what the weather, the sky here is always interesting and lovely.

On this first Monday of the show, there was little happening on site. Once the breakfast thing happened, and the crowd dispersed, the site was completely quiet. I completed my tallies and inventory for Pendragon and then enjoyed some private time in my little backyard area we call the MBistro, catching up on email a bit, and doing some research online. Gentle breezes, birdsong, and my friendly little neighbour chipmunk all made that afternoon time totally delightful.  When I got too chilly, I came indoors and did a bit of cleaning and further moving in. 

Kelly and I decided to treat ourselves to El Sarape for dinner.  This little Mexican restaurant in Kenosha is a surprising treat for us—excellent food in a mom and pop store atmosphere.  We love it, and this was our first trip of the season.  We were on our way home, when Kelly decided to pull her vehicle over so we could take photos of this gorgeous sunset!  After returning to site, after a trip to Target, we said goodnight and retired to our own little homes for wind-down time and what should be a good night’s sleep.  On with the blankets!