9 July 2009

I so wanted to take a photo of this crazy thing during the daylight, but I forgot. And, then, late tonight as we walked in from the parking lot, I realized I had taken no photo today at all. So, I dug out my camera, and took this one in the dark.

Craziest darned fungus I’ve ever seen! It’s at the base of a tree in front of Ginger’s shop. Looks exactly like coral, only . . . it’s not!

Today was errand day. I went to the bank, the laundromat, Hobby Lobby, and three thrift stores. I’m on a quest for an item to fulfill a display idea revelation. No luck, yet. Tomorrow, Menard’s, grocery store, Target, Pier One, and any place else I have time to search.

Perfectly delightful dinner with Shannon, Kyrana, Kelly and Chad at Chad’s house tonight. Yummy food! Good wine. Awesome company.