Kat With Broom

7 July 2009
No, I did not forget Ronnie’s Birthday! I just forgot to call. Happy Birthday, my friend!

The first day of dealing with a booth after ten months of human absence is always so special. I am blessed with some very good friends here in Wisconsin, who work for me in the booth, and who are also willing to come and do some early cleaning and prep work for me before I get here. Those folks are the only reason I had the luxury of an extra day or two with my husband before hitting the road. I cannot thank them enough.

Oh, and thanks to Sean and Amber, I have windows that now open with hinges to allow for the heat to escape our booth! Yay! My photo is of Kat, my assistant manager, in one of those new working windows.

All that being said, however, I am apparently, much more picky than most people would be—hush, all of you!—;-)—and I always have to do a bit of more thorough cleaning that what anybody thinks to do for me. So, this first day here, was a dirty, icky, gritty, day of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, wiping, washing, moving stuff, and generally getting everything ready for the next day which would be “trailer day.” There was even painting that had to be done this year (thank you Gregg and Susan!). It seems that 96 inches of snow laying around for a while will really take its toll on roofs and walls!

But, it got done. We’re ready for the product to move in. That’s tomorrow.

And, again—Happy Birthday, Ronnie!