Oklahoma's Vegas Style Casino

5 July 2009

Who knew that the little casino at the Texas/Oklahoma state line had grown up into this amazing architectural wonder of a place. Las Vegas-style in its design, this new structure, where for years there was what looked like a permanent circus tent, is clearly meant to look like a “world showcase.” It appears to represent some major architectural signature from many of the world’s leading cities. I was not able to get a very good look while driving highway speed and towing a trailer, but I noticed Rome’s Colosseum and London’s Parliament building and Big Ben, for starters.

My drive was completely uneventful except for an hour or so of difficult rain, and one three-mile detour. I left home at about ten minutes after eight, just as the raindrops began to fall. Had the rain woken me during the wee hours of the morning as we suspected would happen, I’d have risen earlier, and left with the dawn. But, since we were still waiting on the rain, eight o’clock was my “no later than” departure time. It was a pretty easy drive and I arrived at my brother’s house in Kansas City early enough to allow us to enjoy a meal out together as well as some relaxed hanging out time, too. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough, and it was well after midnight before I pulled myself away from the fun we were having. I promised more of such time together in September.

Tomorrow—the rest of the drive to Wisconsin!