Pretty Bridge Architecture

6 July 2009

Day Two of the trip to Wisconsin was also relatively uneventful. I did make a stupid mistake in the Davenport, Iowa, Moline, IL area. My photo is of the first bridge I travelled today, to cross the Mississippi. It wasn’t big or overly impressive, just really pretty in its coat of bright blue paint.

I crossed over that same river, at least twice more, on different bridges! I misinterpreted the map, vs. the highway I was on as a result of a major detour. I took the highway exchange I thought I needed only to realize I was headed in the opposite direction from what I’d intended. I finally figured it out, and figured out a little more about the GPS in my new phone in the process. That is going to be completely wonderful once I really understand how to use it.

At any rate, I got into the faire site around 6 something—having begun my drive at 6:45 this morning. A very long day, and then much cleaning to be done before I could really settle in and sleep here. Grrrr. But, the cobwebs and dust are gone now, and the bed is made and I’m soon to be in it. The cat already is.