Wanna Play, Mama?

4 July 2009

For fireworks photos, I’m afraid our readers of The Daily KRuMB are going to have to refer back to New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh. Kyle and I opted for a quiet, wonderful night at home instead. It was a bonus night! I had intended to hit the road for Bristol by early afternoon. But, at two-something the temperature outside our home was 107 degrees. I could smell the rubber of my truck tires just from walking past them! I just couldn’t bring myself to put myself and Artemis in the hot truck and drive for nine hours. I decided it would make much more sense and be a whole lot more fun to stay home, cuddle with Kyle, wait for the rain and the cold front, get a good night’s sleep (’cause last night wasn’t) and start out bright and early in the morning.

It was pure pleasure. The work was all done. No more stressing. Plus a little extra time to allow any forgotten bits of packing to enter my head. We went to bed around ten and played with Games Magazine puzzles until eleven or so—some pretty awesome quality time with one another before so many weeks apart.

So, for me, July Fourth wasn’t just Independence Day, it was Bonus Day!

My photo is of ‘Tia with Cormac in the background, as they were determined that we weren’t looking nearly busy enough, and should surely be tossing something for them to fetch!