But, it was Free!

3 July 2009

This is a snapshot of the two huge piles of fabric samples that my friend Wang from Quality Fabrics gave me when I stopped in his shop yesterday on safari. He didn’t have what I was really looking for, but I found a few things I could use from his remnants. And, in the process, he offered me all these cool little showroom swatches of fabrics from yet another closed mill. We chatted a long time about the state of the industry and the cost of doing business. He has recently downsized his exceptionally professional upholstery team from eight workers down to two. And all this took place in a non-air-conditioned store. He said when the a/c runs his electric bill is $600 higher!

Anyway, I didn’t need more fabric, but it’ll be great for pouches and who knows what. And, it was free!

The big machine is in the truck now, ready to go. I’m pretty much packed except for a small list I’m making as I go along.

I actually have much more negative space in both truck and trailer than I’ve ever had for this trip before . . . I now have the feeling that I’m forgetting something major . . .